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I’m receiving some connection errors with Redis node.
It should be something related to SSL certificate, because I need to add .pem file to connect using other apps. But I didn’t find where to inform the SSL certificate.

Standalone Connection Method Error:

Cluster Connection Method Error:

Documentation mention it can be an issue with SSL certificate


The documentation paragraph above the one you provided a screenshot may provide a clue here:

Due to the fact that Redis cluster only returns IP addresses when asking for cluster members, there are some caveats when connecting to a cluster over TLS. If a single host is provided in the node configuration, Losant will assume that the SSL certificate on all of the members of the cluster will match the provided hostname (this is, for example, how Redis clusters on Azure and AWS work). When multiple hosts are provided, Losant will not attempt to verify the hostname on the SSL certificate of any cluster members connected to by IP address.

Actually, I think I follow now. Can you provide a screenshot of your Redis Node configuration to confirm? And are you using the node in a cloud workflow or an edge workflow?

If I am following, we will need to add a field to define a custom CA Certificate (if your SSL is self-signed) to the Redis Node. I will file that feature request.

Our engineers proposed a workaround for the time being: If you are connecting to a cluster and are only providing one hostname, try providing the same hostname twice in the configuration, like in the attached screenshot:

Hey Dylan,

I’m using cloud workflow.
Did as suggested, but I think I still need that field to define a custom CA certificate.


Hi @Bruno_Matheus_Warmli ,

With our most recent platform update, the Redis Node now accepts a custom CA certificate when authenticating requests over TLS, which enables the use of self-signed SSL certificates when connecting to some Redis instances. This option is available if the “Connect with TLS” option is checked.

Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions!

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