Possibility to Register EEA Devices as Gateways for Enhanced Functionality


We are exploring the potential of leveraging low-cost gateways, based on ESP32 devices, capable of executing EEA (Edge Event Agent) but not GEA (Gateway Event Agent). In this context, we propose a feature enhancement to enable the registration of EEA devices as gateways, thereby empowering connected devices, such as EEA-enabled ones, to publish to peripheral device state topics. This functionality would enable EEA devices to serve as gateways, expanding the utility of the EEA.

By allowing EEA devices to act as gateways, users can tap into the full potential of state topics, enhancing solution robustness by storing data of peripheral directly on the platform, without the need for using custom topics in conjunction with application flows acting as gateways, for the case of utilizing EEA for publishing data from multiple peripherals.

It would be interesting if you could evaluate the possibility of implementing this functionality, as it would expand the possibilities of using EEA, especially in scenarios where devices with lower cost can be utilized.

I appreciate the consideration and am available to discuss any additional aspects.

Thanks for the suggestion, @Vander_Maziero . I will file the request and talk to the engineering team about the feasibility of allowing the EEA to act as a gateway.