Plivo working Workflow


I managed to make Plivo platform SMS working form a very simple workflow.
first a virtual test button to do some quick test
second and HTML output node
third a debug node

I think the Topic con be either in Virtual Button node or HTML output, not tested , but I am pretty sure.

Topic should be at least this minimum for the workflow to work…

“src”: “11111111111111”,
“dst”: “222222222222”,
“text”: “Text to be sent to destination mobile? .”


HTML node config should be as follow

Request Method: POST

URL Template: https://{{globals.Plivo_auth_id}}:{{globals.Plivo_auth_token}}{{globals.Plivo_auth_id}}/Message/

Request Header : Content-Type - application/json

is not mandatory but it is a good practice to place it under

There is a free account in PLIVO that you can use, src and dst phones should be in the sandbox for it to work only in free account.

good luck. have a nice day.