Platform Update—Workflow Metrics and Dashboard Data Transformations

We recently adding some major new capability to the platform!

Workflow Metrics

Workflow Metrics is a new tab in the Workflow Editor that provides some excellent insights into the health and performance of your workflows.

Dashboard Data Transformations

Several dashboard blocks now support a data transformation, which is an expression that can be applied to every data point before being displayed. For example, if your data is stored in Celsius and you’d like to display it in Fahrenheit, you can apply the following expression:

({{value}} * 9/5) + 32

The blocks that support data transformations are:

For more details about this update, check out the blog post. Also remember to look over the “Other Updates” at the end of the post for many smaller features that you might find useful!

If you’ve got comments or questions about this update, feel free to drop them below.