Platform Update - Webhook responses, dashboard cloning and more


We’ve just released a minor update to the Losant platform. While there are no major changes in this release, there are a host of improvements and minor bug fixes:

  • Incoming webhook requests can now issue custom responses using the workflow engine’s Webhook Reply Node. This opens up a whole new set of methods for interacting with your Internet-connected devices.
  • It’s now easier than ever to replicate your favorite dashboard layouts or tweak widgets for specific users by cloning existing dashboards from the dashboards list page.
  • Event messages and comments now support Markdown, which brings our event tracking system more in line with enterprise-level issue management tools.
  • There are a handful of new Handlebars helpers available to make data display and interpretation easier than ever.
  • On Change and Throttle nodes now support unique identifiers so that their conditions can, for example, be tied to a specific device ID. This simplifies workflow creation so that these nodes can act at the workflow level, or at the level of each device that could potentially trigger the flow.
  • Publishing device state relative to the current time allows greater flexibility for end users to work with the Losant platform.
  • A handful of minor bug fixes are also included.

As always, many of these feature requests and bug reports come directly from our users, so keep your suggestions coming.