Overview info of all my applications

Since I’m starting to get several “Live” applications I would like to create an easy way monitoring the status of all of them.
What path do you recommend for doing that?
I’m thinking of device status and some critical attribute values.
Is the only way through the Losant API?

Hi @Lars_Andersson,

When you say “live applications,” do you mean that you have multiple applications with connected devices? If that is not what you are asking, what is it that you are looking to monitor?


yes that’s what I mean. used by different customers, but I need to monitor all.

Any suggestions to how to best to this?

Hi @Lars_Andersson,

We don’t have any built in features for this. So, there is nothing officially supported to monitor multiple applications in one place.

However, an idea would be to create a new application in Losant, where the devices are the applications you want to monitor. Those devices would have all the “attributes” of the datapoints in the applications you want to monitor. Lastly, the applications can talk to your monitoring application via Experience Endpoints or Webhooks.

What specifically do you want to monitor on the applications? The status of devices? More information about what aspects of the application you want to see would be very helpful to help you.

Yes, device status and events.

Users activity.

Maybe also some statistics of processed Notebooks.

I haven’t completely thought it through yet because it also depends on what I can do.

Yup, so your best bet would be to create a “monitoring” application and treat the applications you want to monitor as devices, and the data you care about as attributes.

Is it best to set a “application” device as a Standalone device, or something else?

If I want each application to talk to my monitoring application using endpoint or webhooks, do I need to create an “open to the world” experience with proper subdomain names, or could this be limited to “within” Losant?
Would it be wrong to use MQTT for the message exchange between these applications?

Hi @Lars_Andersson,

There are two ways to go about this, the REST API and the experience route. I would recommend using the REST API to get the information you need from the child applications. Almost every feature you see on the front end is accessible with the REST API.

Rest API

Your master application would need to have a workflow triggered by a Timer Node, then followed by an HTTP Node with the REST Resource configured to pull information from the child applications.


Using experiences, you could set this up to have the master application do a health check on the other applications through an endpoint. Your experience would also not have to be open, you could still authenticate with an Experience User. This is a bit more complex than using the REST API.

I would not recommend doing this with MQTT, as it is quite difficult and requires setting up an integration between all of the applications and the master. It’s possible, but much more easily done through the REST API.