Openweathermap API endpoint URL

Hi , I’m trying to find the Openweathermap API endpoint to insert it in the URL section of the HTTP node.
Can anyone help, since in the tutorial section , the reference is only to Dark sky’s API endpoint, which I can’t sign up to any longer.
Much appreciated.




Yes, we are updating the full walkthrough now. The API you’re looking is:

thanks for the prompt reply.
what would be the equivalent of :,-84.51254

Yes! If you would like to see a full working example, you can create an application using the Weather Station Template.

I used the following URL
using the standard API key generated in openweathermap,

I’m still getting the error message “Edge device not found”


Can you send a screenshot of that error message?


It looks like you’ve created an Edge Workflow. For this tutorial, you’ll want to create an Application Workflow.

thanks a lot. I’m through.