Map pop ups in experience templates

Using a map pop up on an overview experience page, how do you make text within the pop up follow a link when the mouse is clicked on it - in this case in order to select a particular device dashboard ?
Such that, a map with pop ups can be used to directly access the relevant device details dashboard.


Good question. Here are some instructions that should help put the pieces together"

  1. You’ll need to set up the link/page that contains a device identifier:

DEVICE_ID is the identifier in this case and represents the ID of the device.

  1. Next, you’ll need to modify the “Popup Template” within the block settings.

A couple of things to note:

  • This setting supports Markdown.
  • You have access to the deviceId within templating.
  1. Now, you can add a link to this popup:

[View Device Details](

If you’re unfamiliar with templating and Markdown, here are some great resources to help:

Thanks for this.
The pop up link works ok on overview page for first pop up.
However, all the other pop ups copy the same dashboard link as first one that was setup.
Therefore all pop ups link to the same first dashboard which obviously is not what is needed ?

Hey Sean,

You’ll want to use a template, which can dynamically set the device ID to whichever pin was clicked:

[View Device]({{deviceId}})

If you want to link directly to a dashboard that’s not in an experience, you can use a template to also set a device ID context variable:

[View Device](<dashboard-id>?ctx[deviceId]={{deviceId}})

ok Brandon that works great, thank you.

on a Link markdown with a URL reference, is there a way to make it open in a new window using target=_new or something?


Currently, opening a Markdown link in a new tab is not possible. We do, though, have a Feature Request open for this. I will be sure to update you when we roll this feature out!

Thank you,