Make Input Controls for dynamic number of devices?

Let’s say I have multiple sites, with any number of theromstats maybe 1 maybe 20. I created a slider bar input dashboard to set the temperature, filtering it by devices with the same Tag/Type.
It seems to want to try to apply the change to all the devices. Is there a way to have the dashboard generate all the devices of “TYPE=Thermostat”? (each with their own value and slider bar)
(rather than perhaps building every input control manually for each device, and making a custom dashboard per site)

Hi @Jason_Barbee,

Currently today, this is not possible to do as you’re describing. Typically, what customers will do is have a Site Overview Dashboard that contains a Device List Block.

Then, you can build a second Dashboard with Context Variables. This would allow you to build one dashboard that supports many devices depending on the context.

There is a video that walks through how to do this in Course 4 of Losant University.

I’m happy to explain more as well :slight_smile: