Losant Zeromq support

New to Losant and to the community. I hear a lot of good things and am excited to dive in. Does Losant have the ability to set up a WebSocket and consume a ZeroMQ data stream? I have a system on a local network that is capable of creating this websocket and the ZeroMQ datastream. The contents consist of devices’ state and attributes.

I would like to use this feed to automatically create these devices in losant and add their current state/attributes.


We do not have direct support for ZeroMQ. Currently, you can only send data to Losant using HTTP or MQTT. However, after some searching here is an approach you could take:

ZeroMQ provides example code for listening:

We provide example code for reporting data to Losant:

With these two examples, you should be able to set up a script to listen to messages over ZeroMQ and post those messages to Losant via MQTT. Here, I pointed to the JavaScript libraries. However, this approach should work for any programming language with capable ZeroMQ and MQTT libraries.

Thank you for the advice! I will give those a read.