Live data on floormap

Could a marker on a floormap contain a live data value within a marker, so I wouldn’t have to click it to see it? If so can multiple markers show live data at the same time.
Or would that really be a custom gauge? What my path to make that?

Hi Lars!

Currently with a Position Chart, the label data is only available with the popup display, and must be toggled on and off. Since our current functionality does not allow them to be displayed together without interacting, you could display them side-by-side. You could display your floor map, and next to that use an indicator block with the data for the point. This data will live update and the block is useful when you want to show multiple values. If you only have one data point to show, you could go the route of the gauge node as well!

Hopefully this helps,

Can you show me an example?

Hi Lars,

I have my Indicator Block setup here:

And next to my map I put the Indicator Block, and here you can see it update:


ok, I understand.