Kiln - how does it relate to existing applications/customers



I read with some interest about some of the features of Kiln.
how does it relate to existing applications/customers ?




Up until Kiln, which added the ability to create Application Experiences within Losant, anytime you wanted to build a specific product with its own users and API endpoints, you had to do that yourself. Usually this meant writing an API service, implementing all of the user authentication stuff, and then hosting it somewhere, which is a lot of work.

Kiln brings all of this functionality directly inside your Losant application. All Experience API Endpoints are powered by workflows inside your Losant application.

Losant does have an enterprise-only feature called Solutions, which I believe you’re using. Solutions allow you to create users and publish dashboards to them. Solutions work well if consuming dashboards works for your end-user experience. In many cases, however, Losant customers require a different experience, like a mobile app. Solutions don’t solve this issue.

Application Experience Users (which are new with Kiln) and solution users are currently different sets and are not related within the platform. In upcoming releases, this separation will be removed and all of the functionality currently within Solutions, will be part of Application Experiences.

We did create a full end-to-end walkthrough of Kiln functionality that is a good read to see how it’s used to power a custom experience like a mobile app.


HI Brandon

Thanks. We can only limit users to organisations rather than applications which would be nice.

So do should Experience menu appear within our Applications ?




Organization users are people that will login to Losant itself and view devices, data, dashboards, etc using the Losant interface. Application experience users do not log in to Losant, they log in to a separate end-user experience that you would build to display data in a completely custom way.

Yes, the experience menu should now be available in your interface.


Hi Brandon

I thought that would be how it works, which is something I would like to take advantage of.

However none of our applications have the Experience menu.

So wasn’t sure if I was missing something.





worked it out. I needed to log out and log back in.