Issue with the Set Value node


I am storing 2 values at the same time so I decided to use a JSON
Here is the JSON w the data I am trying to store
57 PM
Here is how I configured the set value node
03 PM
And here is how I declared the workflow value
13 PM
What did I miss here?


So what’s happening is that you’re asking to store JSON, but the handlebars template is giving you back an object at the path specified (data.cleaningTime).

The “Store JSON” option is expecting you to do something like:

{ "startTime": {{data.cleaningTime.startTime}}, "endTime": {{data.cleaningTime.endTime}} }

In this case, I would suggest using the “Store Value from Payload Path” option under “Operation”. Then, your “Value” would just be data.cleaningTime.


Hope this helped,