iOS API Client Library


I see that the Losant Go app available on the App Store allows for communication with the platform. Does this app use the HTTP API? If so, is there a client library for iOS?

I’m about to begin work on an iOS app that will communicate with Losant experience endpoints and wanted to see if there were any iOS client libraries. (Couldn’t find any references to such in the docs or Losant GitHub account.) Thanks!


Losant Go was actually written in NativeScript. Both it and React Native can make direct use of our Node.js API client. Currently we do not have an Objective-C or other iOS library.

The client libraries we do provide won’t necessarily help you communicate with Experience Endpoints. Our client libraries are designed around the Losant API, which is different than a custom API you’d create using Experiences.

Since every Experience API is different for pretty much every user and application, making helpful client libraries is difficult. It’s something we’ve been brainstorming on and there’s definitely some commonalities (like user authentication) that we could wrap up in a library.

For now, however, you’ll have to make the API requests the hard way.


Thanks for the info!

Yeah that’s a good point, for the experience endpoints there would probably be too much variation to have a useful standard client library. I see that even things like the authentication flow can optionally be customized per Losant application.

It would potentially be helpful to have an iOS library for the HTTP API (similar to the Node.js client), but I’m not yet sure if the project I’m working on will end up needing that or not.