Invalidate any previously existing authentication tokens

Hi folks,

I settled Invalidate any previously existing authentication tokens option in Authenticate node.
that makes possible just one logged-in-session per user.

In one browser (session A) user is logged in a custom page and has access to an Input Control block.
Then same user logs in through another device (session B) and makes all previous sessions invalid.
In that moment, ideally, I’d like to redirect all previous sessions (session A) to home page. Any hints on best practices for doing that?

Also, If there’s no easy way of accomplishing the broadcast invalidation of previous sessions, another moment for redirecting user to home page is when the user logged in session A presses the Input Control button.
Instead of this notification
user could be redirected to home page (just the user who pressed the button and not all users like a token invalidation broadcast would achieve).
I’ve checked and it’s not posted to workflow, so no possible action from server side.

Hi @nahuel,

This is a more challenging task and will likely require a good amount of Javascript. The Input Block would not be able to redirect to the home page on failure, so in that case it would require a page refresh or a Javascript function to log the session out of the page. I’ll discuss with some engineers as to what the most ideal way to approach this problem would be and get back to you shortly with more suggestions.


Hi @JuliaKempf,

Thanks for your answer. Any feedback from the discussion with the engineers?