Introducing Mobile Support


We’re happy to announce that we’ve revamped the UI and have rolled out mobile and small screen support to all areas of the portal, except for the workflow editor.

Below is a screenshot our office plants dashboard when viewed on mobile.

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Basically it’s a CSS media query that displays blocks in row major order. Those easy-to-mishandle edit and resize buttons are still there.
The site is still a blank page on Windows Phone 8.1.



@yoursunny - First things first, the Windows Phone 8.1 issue should be resolved now. We introduced a bug in a separate feature that caused the issue. Sorry about that, and thanks for the heads-up.

Regarding mobile support, I agree, we still have some work to do around button sizes and control layouts. What we released this week was the first step in a process that will take weeks, with new improvements being added hopefully in each release.

We’re always open to suggestions of course; if you have specific use cases that you can cite as to what you’re doing with our platform on your mobile device, we’d love to hear them and noodle on how we can make the experience better.



Yes, it’s working on Windows Phone 8.1 now.

The layout is same as iPhone:

But it’s different from Android:

Attribution: screenshot of iPhone and Android are taken via DeviceAnywhere service.

I prefer the left-to-right block order on Android.



Seems to be an issue when resizing using Chrome (tested using 50 & 51.0.2704.79 m) on windows where resizing the window down works fine. But hitting the maximize button doesn’t resize the graphs back to full size.



It looks like hitting “Restore Down” when the window is maximized also causes a similar problem where it doesn’t shrink down.