Html page on edge webserver

I have the webs erver enabled on the edge and have http reply in an edge workflow.
It returns data fine, but it doesn’t seem like html tags work.
Should I be able to serve up html pages?

Hey @Lars_Andersson,

Should I be able to serve up html pages?

You should! Would you be able to share a screenshot of your HTML Reponse Node configuration?

Thank you,


In order to properly serve web pages, you must set the Content Type:

Here, within the “Reply Headers” section, you may set the Content-Type to text/html.

If your “Response Body Template” includes valid HTML, and you make the request to the agent in browser, the HTML will render.

(Just an FYI, what’s in the “Response Body Template” in your last screenshot isn’t valid HTML. )

Thanks, it’s working fine now.

Any recommendations on how I could have a live payload value change on that web page without refreshing the page every time a new value comes in?


That’s something that could be done with advanced JS, but it wouldn’t be recommended, that’s not the use case the tool was designed for.