How to show all cells in device state table?

Issue: In a DEVICE STATE TABLE, data in one field is not displayed when data in another field is present.

Expectation: All fields should be displayed when data is present.

These fields come from 2 different workflows.

There is data in this Portal Name field:

It cannot be seen when the BDList field is also present. However when the BDList field is deleted…:

then the proper value shows up, even right there in the EDIT DEVICE STATE TABLE page!:

So: How can I get both cells to show their data at the same time?

Is there some formatting rule I’m missing?

I’ve tried sending only strings to both cells; Tried 1 string and 1 array; Tried 1 string and another string with embedded \r and \n characters… Still cannot see both at same time.

The high level goal is to show:

  • Friendly name for an asset (generated by WF and sent to Device)
  • An array (or string) list of related assets (as determined by the WF and sent to Device)


Are you reporting these at the same time?

Since the duration is set to"Last received data point", you see one value. Because it’s currently displaying the most recent state report. If you’re attributes were not reported at the same time. The block won’t display all values.

However, this is a known quirk. You’re expecting this to be the Composite State. Throughout the platform, an object with the attribute values brought together (even if they weren’t reported at the same time) is called Composite State. We currently have a feature ticket for this. I just +1’d that for you.

The workaround today would be to report all values at the same time.

Yes, they were done at 2 different times, by 2 different workflows in fact. Given the restriction to have all workflows end <1 minute it’s typical (and challenging) to cut functions up. Having a composite state would help some. Thanks.