How to pass a message coming with \uFEFF

My PHP return a \uFEFF character which is ok for all my application using the same PHP.
I also have no idea how to avoid this from my PHP.
Losant HTTP is disturbed by this character and never reads the JSON data.
On the “Body encoding Type” the selection is UTF8 and I cannot select anything else.
How to handle this problem? Any idea?

Thank you for some help.

Hi @jean-marc_jobin,

How are you currently sending to Losant? Could you possibly include a screenshot of your configuration? If you have a workflow, could you also include a screenshot?

You say “Losant HTTP is disturbed by this character and never reads the JSON data,” what do you mean by this?


Thank you Julia


When I have this character a front of my json data (see at “body” on the image) it does not interpret the data.
This is a BOM coming from my PHP and no idea how to get rid of it.
But in another hand it would be nice if we could filter it from Losant.
Thank you for your help

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I found the solution on how to eliminate the BOM character from my PHP, but I have no idea of what is causing it.
It is the second experience as such. I am using Visual Studio Code.
I removed my php code from the Visual Studio Code editor.
Recreate a php and paste the code back.
Runs like a charm after this action.
Beats me no idea what is going on here.

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