How to Graph Amp-Hour (and keep a running balance)



I’m measuring Current (A) every minute (but measurements are sometimes missed) for my solar powered, battery backed system.

Ideally I get a bargraph that shows Amp-Hour (AH) values. If I have 600 Amps for 1 minute, I should get 10Ah in the graph when looking at a one minute resolution. The next two minutes I also get 600Amps/min (both minutes show 10Ah for that min). And then no current for the rest of the hour. When I zoom out for an hour view, I should see 1800Ah.

How should I do this?




There is a “Cumulative” option you can check on your graph segment. That means every point on the graph is the sum of all previous points plus the point itself. If you check this and set your duration to 60 minutes and your resolution to 1 minute, the right-most bar on your graph should represent all the current collected over the hour.