How long does it take to delete data?

Hi Losant Team

I’m trying to delete data from 226 devices. I used this range (today - 03/05). I’ve been waiting for 20 minutes and nothing happens. Is this normal or the process failed?
Maybe is a lot of data but i don’t have a feedback to see the state of process.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The amount of time it can take to delete data will vary. Data deletions are asynchronous jobs that are queued up and processed so as to not impact overall time series database performance.

The delay is unusually long right now because the main data retention deletion job is running. This job runs approximately every three weeks and handles the deletion of data that is older than the retention period. This ends up being a significant amount of data to delete, which can temporarily cause deletion jobs to queue up longer than normal.

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Hi Brandon, thanks for the reply.

So i just need to wait that the main data retention deletion finish. I will check tomorrow.

Thanks again Brandon :slight_smile: