How can we filter devices by users?


Hi! I’m just wondering if it’s possible to filters the devices by a user. Let’s say one of the users created under Experience registered a device. How would I assign this device to a particular user? I don’t see any options that would allow me to do this on Losant. Since we are going to have a hundred of users and devices, there needs to be a way for me to filter this! Is this possible and how do I achieve this?

Thank You.



Device tags are meant for storing this sort of meta information against your devices. So, for every device in your application, you would want to set (for example) a tag on the device with the key userId and the value equal to the experience user’s ID.

When creating a user you’ll get that ID back in the response. You can also find a user by email address to get their ID. Then, you can use the Losant API Node to update the device by adding / updating the userId tag.

(Note: in the next couple weeks we’ll have an “Update Device” node in the workflow palette that will make this final step a bit easier.)



This is the exact scenario described in our Experience Walkthrough. I recommend checking it out for further details.