Help required for Serial Trigger

I did the following steps for serial port communication.

I am using energymeter via USB and my port is ttyUSB0.

1.My Edge work flow.

2.Serial Write Config.

3.Serial Trigger(Read) Config.

4.Timer Debug

In the above Steps I got result “serialResult:true”.
Which means serial write operation was successful in ttyUSB0.

My Energymeter voltage value is “0A 03 00 81 00 02 95 58”(Hex)
if write this to serialport(ttyUSB0) the energymeter should give the voltage.But serial trigger node didn’t trigger for my edgeworkflow.
if i did anything wrong or should i change my steps,please share me.
Sivasankari S

Hi @sivasankari_s,

As I do not have your specific edge device, I cannot precisely tell where the problem lies. I would recommend looking into delimiter value as it could be your device’s character is different from \r. If the “Write After Port Opens” value is being sent to the serial successfully, the problem may lie in parsing. I would recommend checking out the configuration documentation for delimiter, which can be found here.