Handlebars helper help needed

Hi, thanks in advance.
I am trying to place an url link inside a string json. To be used as a telegram message

“chat_id” : “{{globals.TelegramGID_DEV}}”,
“text” : "Sensor: {{data.TEMPERATURE}}°C. Check Dashboard Link {{globals.dashURL}} "}

I need link to be the link to the url, but after several days trying to do it… I did not get it. I am still getting the full url instead of masking it under Link word. Thanks

Sensor: 17°C. Check Dashboard Link https://app.losant.com/dashboards/5d28ca7a022e19000b80a24b

Hi @Esteban_Mastrocolla,

Overall, this question might be better suited for Stack Overflow because it’s specifically on how to configure formatting for a third-party service.

However, personally, I’ve done some Telegram Bot building in the past. You should be able to configure the parse mode to Markdown:

Then, you should be able to do something like this for your message:

"Sensor: {{data.TEMPERATURE}}°C. Check Dashboard [Link]({{globals.dashURL}})"