Graph multiple devices in time series graph automatically


Is there a way to plot multiple series in the graph automatically by selecting an attribute that is common among all devices and having a new series per device, or do I have to add each series manually with a different device ID selected per series?


Though what you’re asking for is how the GPS History block works (providing a tag, and all devices matching that tag get individually displayed in the block), this is not how the Time Series block works. You will have to set up a different series for each line on the graph.

This is because aggregating GPS attributes is not really possible, whereas taking the average (or minimum, or maximum, etc.) value of a number of devices’ specified attribute and graphing it is a much more common use case.


Thanks for the reply. What I want to do is to plot each device as a different series in the time series block, plotting attributes that are common between all devices (i.e. signal strength or voltage). I want to be able to add devices without adding new series to the block manually but I guess that would be the workaround for now.

So voltage vs time with multiple series by deviceId and rssi vs time with multiple series by deviceId is the idea.