GPS Whitespace Problems

I’m trying to leverage GPS attributes in a dashboard indicator block. However the queries for the GPS attributes return the coordinates with a space between the Lat/Lon. This breaks markdown links with the GPS location added, as well as other GPS string helpers (like distance between 2 points). Any suggestions on how to remove the whitespace?{{value-0}}/{{value-1}}
Yields:, -96.34718/42.485, -96.34639

Can you please provide an example of what markdown / helpers aren’t working for you with the [space] in place?

I tried to do that in the original post. value-0 and value-1 are both GPS attributes. Here is the whole indicator block markdown:

Estimated Location: {{value-0}}

Configured Location: {{value-1}}{{value-0}}/{{value-1}}

The resulting link is invalid, as {{value-0}} and {{value-1}} both have spaces in the GPS coordinates (as shown in the original post).

You can use the encodeURIComponent helper:

({{encodeURIComponent value-0}}/{{encodeURIComponent value-1}})

Give that a try and let us know how it goes.

Thanks, that did work. I still think it probably makes sense to return the GPS coordinates without the space. I want to say in some areas of the platform the space isn’t there (the workflows I think).