GPS history marker layers

Is there a way to make a certain map marker show up in front of other markers? On one of our maps, we show the last location of all devices, with the currently selected device (using a dashboard context variable) displayed in a different color. Sometimes the current device’s marker gets obscured by the markers for the other devices.

There is not, but this is a good feature request. I’ve added it to our ticketing system.

Great, thanks Brandon. Out of curiosity, are the markers currently ordered by timestamp?

That’s a good question for @Dylan_Schuster.

Hi, I’m not in front of my computer to confirm but I believe that markers added to the map latest are on top. So per device being mapped, the last point is stacked above the first, but subsequent devices are then layered atop that. So if Device A is mapped first, followed by Device B, the stacking order from highest to lowest would be -

  1. Device B latest point
  2. Device B earliest point
  3. Device A latest point
  4. Device A earliest point