Fullscreen on blocks for Experience Users

Hi there,

I know that I can look at each block of a dashboard in fullscreen if I’m using the Losant application, but whenever I view the same dashboard as an experience user (for testing) I no longer have the option to do so (except for a custom HTML block). Is there a way to enable fullscreen for all blocks, or is there something misconfigured on my end and this should be enabled by default? Thanks!

Testing on my end, I am seeing the “Fullscreen” option on blocks. I also see it for the dashboard as a whole.

Possible causes …

  • You are using an embedded dashboard (an iframe) vs. an experience dashboard page, as fullscreen blocks are disabled for embedded dashboards
  • A CSS rule that is hiding the dropdown button entirely
  • Using a browser that does not support the fullscreen API
  • The entire dashboard is in fullscreen, at which time we disable the fullscreen option for blocks

If you want to PM me a link (and login info if necessary), I can take a look at your specific case.

Hey Dylan,

That makes sense – whoever set our dashboard up used embedded dashboards (so iframes). We’ll figure out on our end how we’ll proceed. Thanks!