Free, live, interactive demo

FYI, for anyone interested in seeing or showing the Losant platform,
we have created a free demo for an asset tracking application that is

  1. live - real-time telemetry, no pre-canned videos;
  2. dynamic - things are changing all the time, GPS coordinates, telemetry;
  3. immediate - no need to sign up, etc. just open 2 web browser windows;
  4. interactive - can change the telemetry in real-time;
  5. 24/7 - any time of day or night.

Details at

or check this video

The second demo shows a control system: sensor(s) report temperature of heating equipment.
The Losant workflow turns the cooling on and off depending on high and low thresholds. So,
this shows bidirectional messages, analytics. Now, change the demo to create an emergency
situation, see if the control system can handle it. All in less than 5 minutes and no accounts
Try it at IoT Simulator: Testing / Proof of concept / Training for the Internet of Things