Filter by device attribute

I tried searching but couldn’t find anything. My client will potentially be managing hundreds (eventually thousands) of devices in the field. Each device has about two dozen attributes, one of which is a unique identifier. This ID is visible on the device UI.

Currently the plan is whenever a device is shipped (these are large machines), they’ll create a new Losant device and configure the physical device with the generated credentials so they can see its data on a dashboard but I think this will become unwieldy over time.

Instead of creating a new Losant device/key/secret for each one of these devices, is it possible to use the same credentials for each, but when we need to view the data in a dashboard, or trigger a workflow (there are a few parameters that are adjustable remotely), filter the devices by their unique ID? I think this would save them a great deal of effort if possible.


This is a great question! We are working on a dynamic registration example that will be out in with the upcoming release.

However, a couple of things:

  1. You 100% want a separate access key/secret per device for security.

  2. The example leverages Losant Experiences. Your device makes an authenticated, HTTPS request to an Experience Endpoint with its unique ID. Then, the workflow can look up a device by the ID. If the device doesn’t exist, it can create the device, key, and secret and return it back to the device for provisioning.

However, those are the high-level details, I recommend waiting for our example as it will help a ton solving this issue!

Thanks. I’ll keep my eyes open for that. We’re just about to ship the first few machines, so it’s not a major issue just yet.