Failed to save Dashboard block - no (or more than one) schemas match

What is the meaning of this message?

We are trying to use the Custom HTML block and the Google Maps API for circles (markers) and Polylines.

The behavior is confusing - I had some markers working with Google Maps API. Then I tried to add polylines, and they showed up in the block-preview display, however the dashboard would not save, giving the above message. It forced me to discard those changes, since it would not save. I then made a new dashboard with just 1 block, and got only Polylines to work. However, even without the new polylines command it would not save, giving the same obscure message.

At one point it seemed related to structure of this flightPlanCoordinates (array of lat/lng) coexisting with the Google Markers but I haven’t fully tracked it down yet:

Can you please better explain the error message so I can know where to look?

  • Which schemas are conflicting?
  • Which block is “dashboard.block.3”?
  • Is it really no schemas or is it more than one?
  • Which other code fragments or dashboard blocks hold the conflicting schemas?
  • Which variables and/or APIs are trying to use the conflicting schemas?

Hi @Bryan_Chase,

I just wanted to let you know that we are currently looking into this issue with our platform engineering team. I am curious, what is the size of the code in your head and body content for these blocks? We currently limit this size to 32KB, so if you were to add code that surpassed this limit, you would run into an issue where you could not save the block.

I will also create a feature request with our engineering team to make this error more specific, but in the meantime, I am looking forward to your response!

Thanks so much,

Well since you asked, the size of the text in the body has just gone over 32KB with this latest version. Sounds like IT. To make the size smaller I have removed some canned data from the file and now I can save the file and it functions as expected!


I don’t remember this 32KB limit but maybe I overlooked it. And I certainly didn’t know the size until you mentioned to look.

When such limits exist, it would help the user to put some reminder near each textbox:

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