Export recipe can't handle "#" character in any fields

(1) I use “Export Recipe” to export a recipe.
(2) I click “Add Device Recipe” and load the device recipe I just exported above.
It gives me a “Import failed - Invalid JSON” error.

Is this a bug?

Hi @Wesley_Manning,

I’d like to look into this a bit further, could you possibly attach the recipe you have exported?

Thanks so much!

Actually seems like the export is the issue.

Export does like any “#” characters in any fields it appears. I removed “###############” from the “Name” field and “#name#” from one of the tag value fields we had and now it works fine.

We use “#” as a placeholder to tell us to change this on device creation.

Is that a bug or just a limitation on JSON? If can’t accept might be good to warn user.

Once it gets to a “#” character export stops at that point. There is no warning. I found this out by opening the exported recipe in a text file.

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Hi @Wesley_Manning,

Thank you for that information! Our engineering team has created a ticket and is working on a fix for this issue; I will follow up as soon as this is released.

Thanks so much for your patience,