Events not showing up


I have a basic setup which triggers an alert based on a condition of a device. For this I loop over all the devices.
I can see that the workflow goes through the branch and should trigger an event but for some reason I don’t see the events.
In the debug, I can see that the Record Event node created an event “createdEvent”:“5a60c9bbdfd7e00006907a51”
but i don’t see it in the event tab.
What is going wrong here?


Here is how the event node is configured:


I dug in a little and I do see events within your application matching the configuration stated above, and those events were created by one of your workflows – though the workflow in question no longer has a “Record Event” node in it. Was the issue that the event list simply needed to be refreshed?

If you’re still experiencing problems with this, let me know. Any more information you can provide would be a great help.