Event creation throttling

Is there any limit to the rate of event creation?
I don’t see any thing in resoure limits, Events, or Event: Create Node pages.

There was a mention in Record Event Node of following: " Event creation is limited to 15 creations in a 15-second window per application (or, on average, one per second). In general, however, it is recommended that event creation be throttled even further using a Throttle Node in case of a large burst of potential events, since there is almost never a need to create events that frequently.".
The node is depreciated but does the above apply to Event: Create Node?

We don’t do anything crazy but wanted to get idea what the limits are. We current create events based on device attributes (out of range, high, low, etc), but looking to expand events further to track when device commands are sent, etc.

Hi @Wesley_Manning,

The limit you found in the old Record Event Node is accurate. We document the same throttle limit in our REST API documentation’s throttles and limits, and that limit applies whether using the API, the UI, or a workflow to create your events.

Based on your question, I will make a note to state this throttle limit more clearly in our documentation - both under the Events page and also the Event: Create Node.

OK thanks. I didn’t think to look in the REST API.