Enclosure and wifi connectivity

Hi y’all

Im new to particle and Im wondering if my photon will be able to connect to the wifi inside an aluminum enclosure? If not, what would be the proper material to use?


That depends on a bunch of factors, but yes it will definitely block a significant amount of the signal.

However we have some wifi gear working through stainless enclosures but at a short range, 10m.
(we had some offline raspberry pi B’s with a wifi dongle in a stainless control panel, and people can drive up in their 4WD, and connect and download data from the pi (in a stainless enclosure), with out getting out of the vehicle).

Plastic (generic term) is much better. Also you can always place the antenna outside the enclosure

Ultimately how effective the metal sheidl depends on

  1. radio transmission strength, station and AP
  2. distances involved
  3. antenna design STA and AP
  4. expected throughput
  5. other environmental factors (trees, buildings and other obstructions between enclosure and AP).

Thanks for the answer Tim! I decided to go with the external antenna option. I’ve found another topic here discussing how to implement it and I’ll also give it a shot

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