Elfin-ew11 converter

I’m almost going crazy hahaha
I’m using a converter from RS485(modbus RTU) to MQTT. The model of conversor is ELFIN-EW11.
I managed to connect the converter on the losant platform, but I don’t receive any information from the converter.
Has anyone used this converter and can you help me please?

Hey @Jonatas_Liasch,

I looked that converter up and read through the Operation Guide provided on the downloads tab of this website. From this, it looks like you will need to manually set Publish and Subscribe topics for this device.

To get data from this device to Losant via MQTT you will need to publish data on a topic. You can do that with a Custom Topic or with the State Topic. In Losant, you’ll use an application workflow with an MQTT Trigger if using a custom topic, or a Device: State Trigger if using the state topic.

Here’s an image from that User Guide where they are using MQTT.fx as an MQTT client:

As you can see, they set publish and subscribe topics in the MQTT edit window. Does your device have this window as well?

Let me know what other information you may need for this.

Thank you,