Edge agent update

Just updated to a Pi to the latest agent version, but it keeps rebooting.
Where are the log files again so I can see why it’s rebooting.

Hi Lars,

It depends on where you configured it: https://docs.losant.com/edge-compute/edge-agent-usage/#configuration-file-example


This is where I’m a bit rusty.
I can not find this config.toml file

Hi @Lars_Andersson,

Can you confirm if you ran with a Configuration File or Environment Config?


looks like Environment config

Hi Lars,

The Environment Config does not have a config.toml file. You can find a list of all Environment Variable options here.

Let me know how else I can help!

Yes I am starting to understand how it works now. So running that way would not create a log file?

If your Docker command has only the three required Environment Variables (DEVICE_ID, ACCESS_KEY, ACCESS_SECRET), you will not create a log file. However, the options linked above will allow you to set other Environment Variables, such as LOGGER_OUT or LOGGER_LEVEL which are synonymous with the Configuration File options logger.out and logger.level.