Default values on device recipes

I would like an extra column added to device recipes for adding in a default value. We deal with a lot of customization for alerting/events and having a default start point that the user can then adjust is needed. We make a lot of attributes that are only used in the cloud for setting high and low thresholds, and it would be great if we could start off with default values for many of these.

Hi @Jonathan_Betke,

I think I get what you mean here, but I just want to make sure. Do you mean “default attribute value” here?

Also, if that’s the case, could the default values for your alerting/events be represented as Device Tags?

Hey Fox,

Yes I mean default attribute value, and I think I attempted to go the tag route and found it difficult. With changing a device state from a configuration dashboard it’s simply pass the JSON to the device state node in a workflow and it’s saved. Not the case for tags I believe. There were other difficulties too, but this was one that came to mind.

If you know a workaround I’m all ears.