Data Table Get Rows: condition check for 0 count return


Hello from Maurice, newbie question sorry (i am quick though).

I am retrieving rows from a table, i wish use a condition node to test if I have zero rows returned.

I bring returned rows to data.table. the items appears when rows are returned. it is absent when no rows are returned.

I have not deduced how to frame the condition node test.

Thanks in advance


ooops, i had a function node between get table row and condition node.

when condition immediately after get table i can see data.table.count=0 so problem solved.


A Function Node would work, but also, assuming you’re putting the result of your Get Table Rows Node at the payload path of result, you can use the count property on that result to tell if any rows were returned. Therefore, the expression you would check against in the Conditional Node would be:

{{result.count}} > 0