Data error on attribute


I’m bringing in gps coordinates by way of mqtt. It seems to be formatted properly but the device log is reporting an error. When i copy and paste the same data into the debut tool to force the state, it works ok. See below. The top on is a force state, the bottom one arrived via mqtt.

The data type in the device properties is the “GPS String” type.

amy ideas?


We’re looking into why that is happening now; but we did check your account and, despite what the debug log says, those state reports are in fact being accepted and the “location” data is being stored against the device.


ok thanks.

So “false alarm” for now?


For now, yes. In fact, if you check the “Debug” tab in the device detail page, you’ll see a live feed of recent device states. In your case, to confirm this wasn’t an issue, I compared the debug log in the right column to this state feed and saw that, despite the error message in the debug log, the states were being recorded.