Dashboard - at-a-glance status

I need to visualize an at-a-glance status of the system in my dashboard. Am looking for
“best practice” in Losant.
Besides detailed operational status like graphs and indicators, etc, I would like to add a “status” to the
dashboard. Initially, it can just be an indicator with green/yellow/red color and some text in it.
Later it might be a small group of these, eg. with counters of events.
The status is a function of many conditions in the system, and will be changed by rules in the
How do I implement this? As a software-only device whose attributes I am changing by rules,
and tracking in an indicator?
How else?

Hi @Gambit_Support,

At this time the best practice is indeed your suggestion: creating a virtual device in Losant and updating an attribute within the workflow, then displaying it with an Indicator Block. Since the Indicator Block supports conditionals, you are also able to customize colors and text based on the value of your attribute.

Hopefully this helps!

Thanks, that works.