Custom Chart - Scatter plot & limit lines

Hi, I´m trying to create this plot using the custom chart.
It is the asset operational points and the limits.

Now I have the two parts separated.
The limit points comes from a data table.

Could you give any insight on how to put into a single chart as shown at first picture?
I appreciate any support here,

Thanks in advance,
Mateus Nicoladelli

app id: 5e283fefd3a5e50006135002

Since the Custom Chart Block uses Vega as the underlying graphing library, the best source of information will communities more closely associated with that project. My first thought would be to check out the Vega StackOverflow Tag.

Since you’ve been able to render them separately, I assume you’re pretty close. I’d recommend checking out examples that utilize multiple axis and see if any of those concepts apply. Here’s one example I found: