Crash when editing MQTT node

I have been trying to make a simple workflow to send a command to a device, and every time I try to edit the MQTT node, I receive this error:


I have started over, with a fresh empty workflow, and using fresh nodes (not cut and paste), and it lets me edit the MQTT node only if its the first node I click on when first opening the workflow. Once I have edited, or even just clicked on another node, it crashes.

UPDATE - seems to happen with both the MQTT nodes (state/command). Restarted the application and is still happening.

Thanks, we’re looking into this now and hope to have a fix out shortly.

We’re still trying to reproduce this error and haven’t been able to do so yet. To clarify, which node(s) are we talking about?

  • Device: State Node (output)
  • Device: Command Node (output)
  • MQTT Node (output)
  • MQTT Trigger
  • Something else?

Both of these:

  • MQTT Node (output)
  • MQTT Trigger

It seems to happen in any workflow I have one of those nodes in (not one specific workflow).
I have exited Chrome, logged out/in, and continues to happen, sometimes not right away, but eventually errors.

@Stephen_Earthy We’ve pushed out a fix for the issue; please refresh the Losant browser tab to refresh it. If you come across the issue again please let us know.

Thanks for the bug report and the additional information; it definitely helped us get to the root of the problem.

Excellent! Thanks for letting me know.