Copy Device Id button missing when Device name is long

When you create a new Device in Losant, if the name is short enough, there is a copy device_id button which is quite handy.

See highlighted section here:

However, if you have a long device name, the name gets truncated with ‘…’ which is fine, but that also seems to stop the button for ‘Copy Id’ from displaying.

I can go grab the DeviceID from the URL just above, but its just kind of a minor complaint.

It usually only happens right at Device Creation, or Clone Device, so I think its when you ‘Update’ a device to a longer name, is when the button disappears if the name gets truncated.

I just tested this as I was typing this up. If I shorten the name, and Save, the button comes back:

If I put the name back to what it needs to be, click Save Device, the button goes away again


It would be nice if the button to copy_Id just always appeared, even if the text is truncated.

Thanks for the report. We actually have this addressed in our staging environment already and the resolution (always showing the copy button) will go out with our next platform release.