Change language for webpages and dashboards

Good morning, I am contacting you to ask if there is a possibility to change the language of a web page or a dashboard of an experience. I am currently working with a client who would like to be able to give visualizations to end customers in different languages. My question is: would I have to manually make each of the pages (for example, an About Us) in each language, and each dashboard (show temperature and humidity) with all the possibilities? Is there any way to automate this in some way, through some pluggin, some service, etc?

Thanks, best regards.

There is an Internationalization Library Template that demonstrates how to build a multi-lingual application experience. I recommend checking that out.

What it won’t do is translate strings that appear in dashboards (such as graph axis labels, the content of Section Headers, and so on) but it can be used to translate the rest of the interface.