Audio alarm based on event



Looking for ideas on how could we go about producing an audio alarm through losant.



Tim, let’s start with what the actual audio alarm will be; is it a simple buzzer that could be powered off an I/O pin, or something more substantial?

Assuming the latter, the gist of the solution will be to use a workflow to send a command down to a connected device, and on the device, receipt of that command would activate a digital relay. When the switch is activated, that would then allow current to flow to the electronic that is creating the alarm.

Let me know if that is enough to get you started. If you have any other questions, please reach out.


HI Dylan

I should have been more specific. My apologies.

I was looking for a way for an an audio alarm (buzzer) to be played as part of a dashboard when a certain event or data expression is matched only if the dashboard is being viewed at that point in time.

We now find ourselves with people responsible for equipment looking at dashboards all day., and at 4:00am

Yes we can send them an email or SMS, however we may not/don’t know who the participants (people viewing at that point in time) and would like to generate a simple audio alarm.

For instance have an indicator block be able to also trigger an audio alarm in addition to set color.
Or have a work flow that could record an event. Have an event block trigger an audio alarm when receiving a new “critical” (matching criteria) event.




Sorry Tim, I understand now.

We don’t currently support any audio cues in the web interface, but what you’re asking for isn’t a bad idea. Simple audio “pings” are popular as a notification system in a number of web-based platforms. I’ll write it up as a feature and we’ll brainstorm on how we could roll that in.

Thanks; we’ll keep you posted.