Array deduplicate

Hi there,
I noticed in the array block there is no such thing to deduplicate a list of dictionaries.
Any suggestion about how to implement such function with existing blocks?

Hey @Paolo_Proxy,

You’ll have to use a Function Node and write some JavaScript to de-dupe the array. Since you’ve got dictionaries, the problem is harder than it might seem. What specifically constitutes two equal objects? If you’ve got nested objects, you have to recurse through every child to see if they’re “deep equal”.

If you provide me an example array, I can probably work up some JavaScript code that would work.

Yes I am using a function for now, but would be great to have a node which allows at least most basic types to be deduplicated.

Hi @Paolo_Proxy ,

Just following up to let you know that with our most recent platform update, the Array Node now supports a “Deduplicate” option, which reduces all items in an array to just the unique values. Please let us know if you have any questions!