ArduinoJson Error with MKR1000

I would like to connect the MKR1000 to Losant by following This. I get the error that ArduinoJson 6 doesn’t support this part:

StaticJsonBuffer <200> jsonBuffer;
JsonObject & root = jsonBuffer.createObject ();

  • I tried to install version 5.13.5. It didn’t work with the MKR1000

  • I’ve also tried the “DynamicJsonDocument” with ArduinoJson 6
    I became bug too “no matching function for call to ‘LosantDevice::sendState(ArduinoJson6161_11::DynamicJsonDocument&)’”

How to fix this … could you give me some advice please…

Hi @Masa_Fahel,

The example included in our documentation is intended for connecting an Arduino board with an Arduino 101 WiFi Shield. However, within our Github repository, you can find an example for the MKR devices.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions about this!

Thanks so much,