Any way to upload data older than 30 days?

In our application, we sometimes want to upload measurements which are older than 30 days; our devices may be in the field for longer than a month without connectivity.

Is there any possibility to over-ride or work around the 30-day “stale measurement” limitation? When we upload measurements with timestamps 30 days in the last, they are rejected.

Hi @Alexander_Farley1,

Unfortunately, there is not a way to report state older than 30 days. Losant functions primarily as a platform for real-time data, but we have seen use cases that require state reports in the past, which led to the allowance of thirty days previous for state reports. We put this limit in place as we are able to do data optimization if a state cannot change. We also have relevant documentation on reporting historical state and timestamps. The workaround I might use for this, depending on use case, would be Data Tables, as the data can be any age and your timestamp could be associated to the row. This is a strong “might” as Data Tables do not operate like device state, but depending on what you are looking for it could do the trick.


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Understood, thank you. I think we might just end up offloading measurements every 2 weeks or something like that.

I see what you mean about data-tables, but I also see how it could complicate the situation, so I’ll avoid that route for now. Thanks!