Alternatives for a higher data rate

Im using a particle photon that reads an analog value and send that to losant, the problem is that i need to see the actual waveform generated, if i sample every 1 sec i wont be able to see the waveform so, how can i have a higher data rate?

Streaming and visualizing something like a waveform could be challenging. Particle’s cloud enforces a maximum event rate of 1/s per device. Losant also has a limit of 2/s per device regardless of device type.

You could concatenate a bunch of data points into a single string and report that entire string once per second. Particle events do have a maximum data size of 255 bytes, so that would also limit the amount of samples you could collect. This would allow you to store the data, but there would no way to visualize it. Losant’s minimum graph duration is 5 minutes and the minimum resolution is 1 second.

If you’re capturing waveforms at millisecond or submillisecond resolution, I might recommend sending the data serially to your local computer and using something like Matlab to visualize it.